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An entrepreneur’s time is sacred and in most cases an entrepreneur never truly switches off (even when on vacation). We’ve got you covered!

Executive Escapes is a unique luxury lifestyle concept exclusively for entrepreneurs that brings business and leisure together in a refreshing way. Entrepreneurs get to experience a luxury destination like never before – 5 days of relaxation and rejuvenation for body, mind and business!

During this 5 day trip we will put on an exclusive conference showcasing the best of local and foreign businesses, creating a platform for potential business ideas, ventures and more!

The Annual Escape
Engage with like-minded executives and entrepreneurs from across the globe over a scintillating 5-day business and leisure getaway.
BMB (Body, Mind & Business)
Relax and be pampered in one of the best retreat locations in the UK – rejuvenation for body, mind and business.
Corporate Offering
Gain valuable insight to set yourself and business apart from the competition in an ever changing world of business.


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