Malta Play Highlights

Multiple Locations

Yacht Cruise

Yacht Cruise to Gozo

Complimentary drinks on-board

Beach Party - Comino Island

Private reception at Gozo

Beach Games and Activities


BBQ Dinner

Open bar / Dinner

Artist Performance: VERA (UK)

DJ plays until midnight

VIP After Party

Secret location

Party until morning

The Malta Play 2019 Experience

Register for Malta Play

  • Meet at Salini Resort Hotel
  • Depart hotel
  • Board gullet yacht and depart
  • Complimentary drinks on-board
  • Private reception
  • Lunch
  • Beach Party, Games and Activities
  • Departure from Gozo Island
  • Complimentary drinks on-board
  • Arrival at Salini Resort hotel
  • Swimming
  • Dinner
  • Open bar
  • Guest Artist Performance by VERA (UK)
  • DJ plays until midnight
  • VIP after party (secret location)

Countdown to #MaltaPlay

2019/11/07 00:00:13

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